Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (1973)

Gravity's Rainbow

Herero Translations

Thanks to David Seed's article, "Pynchon's Herero," in Pynchon Notes #10
[Published since 1980, Pynchon Notes is quarterly journal which is a fount of Pynchon scholarship. Back issues are available.]

100, 322, 323: Ndjambi Karunga: Herero God (invoked only in thanksgiving after some unexpected luck; or they [the Herero] pray to him when all other means of help fail) 100, 316: omuhona: "lord, master" 152:
mba rara m'eroto ondyoze ... mbe mu munine m'oruroto ayo u n'omuinyo: "he was shining in my dream as if he were alive"
314-16, 320, 362-63, 673, 730, 732: Nguarorerue: "one who has been tested" 316: Otyikondo: "bastard" or "mulatto"
316: eanda: "origin" (organized according to maternal rights)
oruzo: "derivation" (organized according to paternal rights)
316: Omakungurua (Otukungurua):: "the emptied vessels"
321: Omumborombanga: "Tree" (According to Herero myth, man originated out of the omumborombanga tree, which is accordingly venerated for symbolizing the tribe's sacred descent)
322, 524: Mukuru: "the old one" (signifying the primal ancestor of the Herero, the first man to emerge from the tree of creation)
325: outase: "large, newly laid cow turd"
328: okanumaihi: "the little drinker of sweet milk"
362: mba-kayere:: "I am passed over"
456:m'okamanga: "instantly" or "instantaneously" (Probably in the sense of this radio transmission would be "come in.")
520: orururumo ([oru = inanimate prefix] + "a flame") orunene (oru + "great" or "big"): "the high, rising, dead, the blazing, the great one"
521: omunene: omu = animate + nene ("big") = "the eldest brother"
673: iya 'kurandye: "we are going, my fellow"


Gravity's Rainbow
Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon